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Dikla Akrat


Professional Overview

About Dikla Akrat


Dikla Akrat is a seasoned executive with decades of experience in the world of sales and marketing. Since she was very young, she knew she had an intuitive knack for making things work and putting people at ease. A naturally comforting and confident person, Dikla effortlessly draws diverse groups of people together and helps to make creative projects flourish. During the 15 years she spent with the Isrotel Hotel Chain in Tel Aviv, Dikla experienced a wide variety of managerial positions. She spent several years enjoying her role as reservation manager before moving up to customer service. Her superiors quickly recognized her talents, and Dikla Akrat moved up to the Marketing and Sales Director position, a role she truly felt embodied her spirit. 

As the marketing director for EPIC, an educational entertainment company that uses high-energy, interactive productions to educate students at school and church functions, Dikla expanded her network and learned the ins and outs of video production and running the marketing department. 

Throughout her impressive career spanning more than 25 years, Dikla has triumphed in every challenge she has faced. She has years of diverse experience as a marketing director, a director of compliance, and a call center executive, in addition to setting an impressive name for herself as a highly successful self-employed consultant. Her most recent venture was to travel to the U.K. and use her exemplary skills to assist a company in crisis. She happily dedicated several years to living abroad and helping the company recover, and one of her proudest moments was realizing her success. Not only did she bring the company back into the black, but the owners are thriving now, and employees can breathe a sigh of relief.

In the business world, Dikla is known as a fixer. Regardless of industry, if there’s a problem, she’s the person to call. She has the ability to step back and view the bigger picture, analyzing the broader aspect of the company and finding the best solutions. Business owners have learned to trust her for her wise judgment and my decision-making. 

On her own time, simple life is what inspires Dikla. As much as she is the first to call in a high-pressure situation, she knows when self-care is needed. She loves taking the time to enjoy what life has to offer. Whenever possible, she will find a way to be with nature, especially near the water and among animals. She spends her free time living on a small island where time appears to stand still. One of her favorite sports is long-distance swimming and going on long hikes but without the urgency of competition. She is a proud mother of three boys who lost their father at a young age, and she made a vow to herself and them that she would do whatever it took to live life to the fullest.

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