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After the holiday season, it’s easy for employees to feel disengaged and unhappy. This is a common occurrence that many employers face. It can hard to get back into work mode after spending time with family and friends. If you’re looking to improve employee engagement at your company, here are some tips for you to consider.


Praise employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the holiday season

Tell them how valuable they are and how much they mean to your company. Employees need breaks to stay refreshed, focused, and motivated. Don’t be afraid of taking a day off now and then. When it comes down to it, all work is about relationships with other people: co-workers, managers, clients, etc.


Take a break now and then

Remember, employees are people first and workers second. Don’t be afraid to take an interest in their lives outside of work. Try asking questions like “How was your Christmas?” or inviting someone out for lunch after working hours on occasion. These simple gestures can go such a long way.


Create a positive work environment

Make sure that the work culture at your company is positive and supportive. Employees should feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions without fear of judgment or ridicule.


Offer training and development opportunities

Make sure that employees are constantly learning and growing. Invest in training programs, conferences, seminars, webinars, etc., to give your workers the knowledge they need to excel. 


Create a Culture of Respect

Respect is important to create a positive work environment. Ensure that employees are not being bullied or harassed at the office by creating clear guidelines on being respectful in the workplace. Give them special perks and privileges during their time off, like flexible working hours or discounts on your products/services.



The holiday seasons are a time where many people feel overwhelmed and stressed. It’s important to take the time to relax and rejuvenate to come back to work feeling refreshed and motivated. Employers should take into consideration the likelihood that employees will be somewhat unmotivated upon returning to work and adjust expectations accordingly.