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When life places an unforeseen tragedy or rough patch into your life, you’ll be presented with two options. You can stay in a place of bondage, or you can make the intentional decision to move forward with strength. Finding motivation during a rough patch of life can seem almost impossible, especially when your mind is in an unhealthy state. 

Firstly, you must recognize that finding this motivation will be a process – it doesn’t happen overnight. But there are some crucial steps you can take to begin the process.

Get Out of Your Head

Oftentimes, what is holding you back from being able to move forward is your own self. While the circumstances themselves may have been what drove you to this rough patch of life, you are now in control of what happens next. Take your time to mourn, but then realize when it’s time to begin developing new thought patterns. Your mind can be your own worst enemy, and overcoming a negative thinking pattern can take some practice. When you find your mind approaching this negative space, be intentional about doing something to take your mind off the issue, whether that is going for a run, cooking, or even singing your favorite song. As you begin to eliminate space for negativity, you’ll make space for positivity and motivation.

Forgive Yourself For Shortcomings

As you begin to heal from whatever situation you find yourself in, you’ll likely have ups and downs. Don’t expect yourself to perform at the same level as you once did. While your goal may be to eventually attain that same level of success or higher, you also need to make room for shortcomings on that journey. Don’t expect perfection from yourself, but rather forgive yourself for your faults and recognize that they are actually a crucial part of your healing process. Nothing squanders motivation quite like reprimanding yourself for messing up.

Develop a Support Network

You can’t solely rely on yourself during this process. Trying to be your own source of motivation can just lead to further loss of inspiration. Developing a support network, especially one that understands the personal struggles you are going through, is the key to finding motivation again. This support network will be the backbone of your progress when you feel like you have no more energy to exert. These individuals could include your family, your friends, or even a counselor, and they should provide a judgment-free space for you while also motivating you forward.