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An email is an essential tool of communication used across the world. Organizations use emails for communication between the employees and the management. The unemployed use emails to reach potential employers.

Due to the high number of emails sent and received per day, the email might not get read. Making the target recipient read the email should be the sender’s priority. Writing and formatting well will increase the chances of being read. The following as ways one can make the emails attractive;


  1. Be Specific in Your Subject
    The email’s subject title should give the recipient an idea of the email. It should be short and specific, bolded, and written in uppercase. For example, if the email is about an impromptu meeting, its subject should read ‘MEETING AT 2.00 PM TODAY’.


  1. Be Concise
    All emails should be short and direct to the point. Recipients are not ready to read essays. If the message can be passed by typing two sentences, do it. When emails are short, only important messages get written, and there are no fluffy words. Secondly, it will save both the sender and some precious time.


  1. Be Respectful
    When composing an email, the main aim is to pass the message. Emails services are used by millions of people every day. The way people conduct themselves while drafting an email will influence the email impact. People are advised to be respectful by using appropriate language.


  1. Proofread the Work
    When you draft a message full of mistakes, it will be hard for the reader to understand the message, or it might lead to misinterpretation. Therefore, proofread the email before hitting the send button.


  1. Use Simple Language
    Email should be easy to read and understand. The sender is advised to avoid using complex language or use large vocabulary. No reader is willing to waste their time comprehending what the email is about.


  1. Email Greetings
    When drafting an email, it is advisable to use professional greetings. When writing to your colleagues at work, it would be tempting to use unprofessional greetings, but if the email is formal, always set the tone by using professional greetings.


The appearance of an email is the most critical aspect to the reader. When one opens an email, the impression at the first site will determine whether they will read the message or not. Always make the email attractive, simple, and direct to the point.